“You and I – we are not so different”


JKPeV – Dresden (DE): Zine workshop – 10/11/2017

Successful “Art-Zines” workshop in Hellerau!

On Friday, November 10th, JKPeV organized a zine workshop under the title “You and I – we are not so different” within the framework of the European project „You are Welcome“ and the Metamorphosis. Human stories  project – a cooperation between Armenia, the US and Germany. The zine workshop was held at Hellerau led by the Ass. Prof. @Mariana Smith (Stockton University, USA),  the German artist, @Stephanie Lüning (Hfbk Dresden, Germany) and the Armenian artist, Eva Harut (HfBK, Dresden, GER). The participants, coming for all over the world, created “Art-Zines”. The mini handmade magazines – Zines were based on collage and drawing and could easily tell the story of each one participating in this workshop. Marianna Smith stressed out the purpose of the Zine: the crafting activity serves the story telling and what does really matter is to share our stories altogether. In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, the participants sat around the tables full of different kinds of magazines and newspapers and created they own Zines. Once the first folding was done, the Zines were covered by photos, drawings and writings. At the end of the session, each Zine was opened, scanned and printed and was given to each participant as a memory of our stories and of this nice afternoon. Each participant could present their zines and share with the rest of the group their stories. Some really interesting, and touching Zines were created during this workshop but we especially keep in mind that we shared our stories!



Oldham City Council – Oldham (UK): Let’s end Hate Crime

Oldham City Council took part in ‘Let’s end Hate Crime’ week,  5-11th February 2018. There Don’t be a Bystander event worked on encouraging people to call out Hate Speech and actively help end it with the tagline:

I will never be a bystander to hateful language and abuse. If I hear it, I will call it out and report it and if I can, I will stop it.”

The session provided delegates with an insight into the critical issues relating to Hate Incidents and Crime, and aimed to improve the general awareness of participants about how Hate Crime affects not only the targeted victim, but also the wider community by creating divisions. Advice was given on how to report Hate incidents and how to access support services.

Participants were prompted to reflect on and discuss ‘What is Hate Speech and Crime? How can we challenge Hate?  What does Hate do to us and our communities?’ And the speakers covered topics ranging from the historic context of Hate Crime, high profile cases  of Hate crime/incidents and legislation to the effects on the Hate Crime victims, barriers to reporting and local reporting strategies.

For more information please visit:
Let’s end Hate Crime




Gláser Jakab emlékalapítvány & Anamuh – Budapest (HU): Forum Theatre workshop and performance

On 17th and 18th February 2018, Gláser Jakab emlékalapítvány & Anamuh- Arts for Dialogue hosted a 2-day theatre workshop in Budapest, within the You Are Welcome project framework. The workshop used participatory theatre to create a space for raising awareness, for understanding ‘otherness’ and for fostering empathy, connections and dialogue amongst individuals from different culture.

The workshop used forum theatre-a branch developed from the pedagogical research methods of Paulo Freire, the Brazilian educator- and immersive & sensorial games to encourage the participants to embody their thoughts and views and to create the possibility to transform.

“Who am I, who are you. A bridge on who we are.”

A simple forum play was developed throughout the day, which represented a situation from the participants’ lives that was relatable to all. This play was then performed at the end of the workshop and the actors/audience were given the chance to reflect on the life situation portrayed and to suggest possible alternatives.

“A bridge between audience and stage, between theatre and world, between identities and cultures: You, I, a bridge to us”

The participant demographic was varied, including Hungarian locals, refugees and asylum seekers, and members of the public wanting to take part.

Facilitator: Francesco Argenio Benaroio
Venue: INspirál Cirkuszközpont – Sopron út 19/A, Budapest 1117
17-18 February 2018, 10.00-18.00

For more information about the organisers, please see below:






AddArt – Thessaloniki (GR): My Super Hero workshop

AddArt developed an unique artistic workshop concept: during two sessions, children from refugees camps had the chance to tell about their imaginative Superhero they always wished for! Professional comic sketchers would then draw this Hero for the children individually, listening patiently to their descriptions and following each “order” for adding items and skills to their Hero.

The Superheros can be soon seen in an exhibition in Thessaloniki. Details will be shown here!