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Oldham City Council – Oldham: Let’s end Hate Crime

Oldham City Council took part in ‘Let’s end Hate Crime’ week,  5-11th February 2018. There Don’t be a Bystander event worked on encouraging people to call out Hate Speech and actively help end it with the tagline:

I will never be a bystander to hateful language and abuse. If I hear it, I will call it out and report it and if I can, I will stop it.”

The session provided delegates with an insight into the critical issues relating to Hate Incidents and Crime, and aimed to improve the general awareness of participants about how Hate Crime affects not only the targeted victim, but also the wider community by creating divisions. Advice was given on how to report Hate incidents and how to access support services.

Participants were prompted to reflect on and discuss ‘What is Hate Speech and Crime? How can we challenge Hate?  What does Hate do to us and our communities?’ And the speakers covered topics ranging from the historic context of Hate Crime, high profile cases  of Hate crime/incidents and legislation to the effects on the Hate Crime victims, barriers to reporting and local reporting strategies.



For more information please visit:
Let’s end Hate Crime



Oldham City Council – Oldham: What makes me me

On Friday, February the 9th, Oldham City council and  Police Community Support Officers Rebecca Wright and Sharon Whitmore, held a school assembly with around 300 kids aged 5 to 11 at Broadfield school, raising awareness about Hate Crime and methods to counter it and report it.

Following the assembly, two classes of around 30 pupils each with diverse backgrounds got the chance to work with facilitators from the Oldham Play Action Group, an art based community group, that prepared a workshop on idendity. The kids where challenged to write down what makes them special and design little figures representing themselves, which later got shared with the other classmates and discussed. The kids enjoyed reflecting and learning more about other classmates and what made them special. An understanding of differences and similarities of the different backgrounds was won.