United Kingdom – Oldham City Council

The local campaign in the United Kingdom was launched in Oldham (Greater Manchester) by the Oldham City Council. During the to National Hate Crime Awareness Week (14th – 21st of October), members of the Oldham District Team went to 9 different venues in Oldham, raising awareness around Hate Crime and the support which is available in Oldham for New Arrivals and other residents of the Community. The campaign included the giveaway of Freebies.

The Oldham City Council team was placed in supermarkets, community centres and shopping centres around Oldham, to try and attract many different people. These sessions were advertised through the police Facebook page – GMP Oldham Central but it was mainly about catching passers-by.

The sessions were planned with the Council and Police working in partnership during the National Hate Crime Awareness Week.  Information was given out about ways to report incidents of Hate Crime, services that support victims, leaflets were distributed as well as other promotional materials like bags, pencils, pads, rulers…

People from all cultural backgrounds were among the participants, being the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities especially involved. In addition to this, all age groups participated in the event.

The main message that was conveyed was to raise awareness that we do not stand for hate crime and we are coming together to stop it. Hate Crime is not tolerated in Oldham and there are services to support. There was a positive response to the actions, messages and ideas the campaign consisted of. Among other outcomes, it helped increasing awareness of how to report hate crime incidents and what support is available to victims.

You will find more information on the National Hate Crime Awareness Week and related topics in this website.