Ten organizations from eight countries and one vision for Europe. YOU ARE WELCOME is a collaborative project which endeavors to connect new arrivals and native citizens through art and intercultural and educational activities. Based on a unique methodology, which brings together both conventional and performative artistry, and a focus on using our workshops as platforms for promoting dialogue and inclusion, we will provide opportunities for communities across Europe to bridge division, whether linguistic or cultural, and foster mutual respect and understanding.


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2nd Transnational Meeting in Thessaloniki (Nov. 2017)

Finally, all the weekend’s happening from our 2nd Transnational Meeting are uploaded here on the project’s website: THESSALONIKI! It’s been a very valuable meeting of all the partner organizations! We got to know our new partner – CID from Macedonia, found out about the latest outcomes and events in each country and realized the implementation … Continue reading 2nd Transnational Meeting in Thessaloniki (Nov. 2017)

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