Ten organizations from eight countries and one vision for Europe. YOU ARE WELCOME is a collaborative project which endeavors to connect new arrivals and native citizens through art and intercultural and educational activities. Based on a unique methodology, which brings together both conventional and performative artistry, and a focus on using our workshops as platforms for promoting dialogue and inclusion, we will provide opportunities for communities across Europe to bridge division, whether linguistic or cultural, and foster mutual respect and understanding.


NO HATE FILM FESTIVAL // 16-18.11.2018 // Dresden, Germany

The Festival aims to counter different forms of hate, discrimination, stereotypes and violence in Europe by offering a diversity of activities through arts, media and dialogue. Citizens of Dresden with and without migration background as well as international guests have the opportunity to experience an event that promotes cultural diversity, cross-cultural exchange and understanding whilst sharing various forms of counter-speech.

The diverse and multifaceted festival programme encourages the active participation of people from different age groups, cultural and social backgrounds. Nine Documentary films from different European cities – Ceuta (Spain), Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Belfast (Northern Island), Paphos (Cyprus), Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Thessaloniki (Greece), Moscow (Russia), Wroclaw (Poland) and Dresden (Germany) – that have witnessed conflict or war, will be screened (original language with English subtitles). Each film has a different theme but they all focus on a single overarching topic: how a community deals with a conflict. The films comprise the project “Europa Transit” within the framework of the “European Capital of Culture – Donostia/San Sebastian 2016”.

You can download the PDF version of the program here.

no hate program ENGLISH-2no hate program ENGLISH-1


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