Gláser Jakab emlékalapítvány & Anamuh- Arts for Dialogue- Budapest: Forum Theatre workshop and performance

On 17th and 18th February 2018, Gláser Jakab emlékalapítvány & Anamuh- Arts for Dialogue hosted a 2-day theatre workshop in Budapest, within the You Are Welcome project framework. The workshop used participatory theatre to create a space for raising awareness, for understanding ‘otherness’ and for fostering empathy, connections and dialogue amongst individuals from different culture.

The workshop used forum theatre-a branch developed from the pedagogical research methods of Paulo Freire, the Brazilian educator- and immersive & sensorial games to encourage the participants to embody their thoughts and views and to create the possibility to transform.

“Who am I, who are you. A bridge on who we are.”

A simple forum play was developed throughout the day, which represented a situation from the participants’ lives that was relatable to all. This play was then performed at the end of the workshop and the actors/audience were given the chance to reflect on the life situation portrayed and to suggest possible alternatives.

“A bridge between audience and stage, between theatre and world, between identities and cultures: You, I, a bridge to us”

The participant demographic was varied, including Hungarian locals, refugees and asylum seekers, and members of the public wanting to take part.




Facilitator: Francesco Argenio Benaroio
Venue: INspirál Cirkuszközpont – Sopron út 19/A, Budapest 1117
17-18 February 2018, 10.00-18.00

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