In order to raise awareness of the situation that immigrants, refugees and third nationals face when arriving in a new country, YOU ARE WELCOME has organised a series of campaigns, both online and off, that focus on presenting a factual insight into the current position they occupy.

Arriving in a new country can be daunting enough, what with having to adapt to different cultural customs, learning a new language and forming new social circles, but add to this having to deal with prejudices, discrimination and Hate Speech, and the idea of your new country ever feeling like home seems impossible.

Being subject to prejudices and experiencing discrimination and Hate Speech are NOT normal parts of arriving in a new country. These issues derives by and large from miscommunication, a lack of understanding and little first-hand contact with refugees, migrants or third nationals. By initiating local campaigns that provide more accurate representations of refugees, migrants and third nationals and encourage people to be more tolerant, accepting and open, YOU ARE WELCOME aims to reduce stigmatisation and to facilitate good relations between newcomers and locals.



Our first YAW campaign is called ‘Refugees Welcome’ and tackles these issues head on. Each of the YAW partners ran their own respective campaigns, online and off, under the ‘Refugees Welcome’ campaign heading.