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Human Right Human Wrong

The local Campaign in Greece took place in Thessaloniki, on November 25th 2017, as one of the Greek partner’s main activities within the framework of the “YOU ARE WELCOME” project. This event could only be made possible thanks to the commitment of a group of artists, volunteers and AddArt staff members.

The idea of breaking stereotypes by shedding light on Human Rights today is what the project “You Are Welcome” is all about, and therefore the association AddArt organised an exhibition under the title “Human Right Human Wrong” where comic illustrations were displayed on posters at the Museum of the Roman Agora of Thessaloniki during the 2nd transnational event in Thessaloniki. The illustrations were also printed in postcard format in 1.500 pieces that were used for the local campaign. All these postcards were distributed to all the visitors of the exhibition during the transnational event in Thessaloniki and the visitors then were asked to send the postcards to people they know all over the world so that they spread this idea adding their personal message of humanity.

All the parties involved had a positive response to the whole campaign and the event in Thessaloniki; from the artists who created the illustrations, to the refugees and migrants who were invited to join the exhibition and the transnational event in Thessaloniki as well as the local and international guests.

Even the local media embraced this action by broadcasting it on TV; journalists of local radio stations and TV channels interviewed the organisers and the project manager; articles were published on social media and on other websites about the “YOU ARE WELCOME” campaign and the event in Thessaloniki. The general satisfaction levels of all those parties was very high and a very nice buzz was created prior, during and after the event itself. The dissemination of the event itself created 400 visitors immediately while several dozens of thousands of people were introduced to the “YOU ARE WELCOME” project.