Association Civil Centre for Sustainable Development EGRI Kriva Palanka, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The association EGRI was founded in 2000 with the aim to improve the quality of living of the local community in Kriva Palanka and therefore, it is dedicated to implementing social projects and activities that support the creation of suitable conditions for sustainable development based on the local resources. Its focus is laid on creating fruitful partnerships and networking with organizations and associations on local, national and international level.
The association EGRI has played a very active role in taking local and regional strategic initiatives in order to encourage young people to be actively involved in its projects and to ensure the association’s growth and development. In the past years EGRI has aimed at fostering civil activism, youth engagement, entrepreneurship and international cooperation. Raising awareness about European citizenship and identity, promoting democratic and civic values, and supporting the country in its EU integration process, by establishing EU partnerships and implementing EU funded.