Jakab Gláser Memorial Foundation (HU)

Jakab Gláser Memorial Foundation was established in 2010.

The foundation is the non-profit organisation (NGO) of the community of the Teleki Tér Shtiebel, Budapest, Hungary. We manage the last Shtiebel of Hungary, at Teleki tér, Budapest. This little place/space maintains its own traditions, customs and melodies, as well as – uniquely in Hungary – a Sephardic liturgy since its establishment before WWI. The community is open to anyone, regardless to religious, financial or national backgrounds, while keeping the orthodox Jewish traditions of all the previous generations of the Shtiebel. The work of keeping the community alive was passed on from generation to generation, and lately from an aging man, Jakab Glaser to a young, enthusiastic group.

Jewish culture and tradition has its renaissance in Hungary. We believe that the Teleki Tér Shtiebel is a very important colour in the map of Hungarian Jewry and is worth saving. It represents a now lost, once thriving world that is almost unknown even to most Jews of Budapest. The Teleki tér market used to be an important centre for Jewish merchants, vendors and peddlers and the neighbourhood was one of the 3 Jewish centres of Budapest Yiddishkeit (Jewry). The neighbourhood had more than 50 little shtibelach (plural of shtiebel) serving the numerous small Jewish communities. By today only this one has survived, maintained through the decades always by a very few engaged persons. Our aims: collecting, archiving, publishing information. Saving and passing on the traditions of the Shtiebel.