Germany – JKPeV

JKPeV, Dresden (DE): Take a minute

Within the framework of the international project “Metamorphosis. The Human Stories.” the opening of the exhibition “Unterwegs – dealing with migrants’ stories” took place on Thursday, November 9th at 20:00, at Senatssaal in the Academy of Arts Dresden. Three artists, the American artist Mariana Smith coming originally from Russia (Assistant Professor, Stockton University, USA), the German artist Stephanie Lüning (Academy of Fine Arts Dresden), and the Armenian artist Eva Harut (Academy of Fine Arts Dresden) displayed their artworks – paintings, prints, videos and sculptures. At the same time, artworks created by art students from Germany, Armenia and the USA were displayed at the Gallery of Fine Arts Dresden. Both exhibitions can be visited until December 3rd 2017.

Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. supported the Metamorphosis. The Human Stories. and additionally we organized a campaign which took place at the students’ exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness about the refugee issue and encourage the visitors of the exhibitions at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden to reflect by looking at a photo taken by the Iranian photographer Morteza Jafari, depicting refugees on a boat in the Aegean Sea fleeing from Turkey to Greece. The visitors were asked to take a minute to look at the picture, imagine themselves being on that boat and then write down their thoughts and feelings about it on small pieces of paper that could be either put on a box or could be stuck onto the wall. It was an experiment to see and record the reaction of people. The campaign is one of the planned activities within the framework of the European project You are Welcome aiming to fight against xenophobia, hate speech and racism and promoting the peaceful co-existence and mutual understanding among people with different cultural backgrounds, religion and beliefs.