Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Center for Intercultural Dialogue – CID Kumanovo Image Theatre workshop

From the 14th to the 15th of March 2018, the Center for Intercultural Dialogue – CID Kumanovo organised a theatre workshop within the framework of the European project “YOU ARE WELCOME”, for around 20 participants, which was held in the transit centre Tabanovce. The participants were about 18-40 years of age; a mix of refugees, volunteers and locals that wanted to join.

Guided by the facilitator Aleksandra Mihajlovska, the participants first got to know each other through a series of theatre games that aimed to help the participants feel more comfortable with each other and to build trust between the participants without the use of language. In order to overcome language barriers, the participants were involved in activities based on body language.

Paying special attention not to push the participants out of their comfort zone, the facilitator asked them to imagine a different situations and embody them. During the two days of the workshop, the participants also worked in smaller groups on their own project, an image theatre play where they shared a story or a message through the use of images embodied by the participants. At the final performance the participants presented stories of war, belonging and conflict to refugees and the Red Cross employees and volunteers.

The workshop aimed to foster further interaction and understanding between locals and refugees. Both groups – the locals and the refugees – expressed interest to participate in such projects which could be also long-term.