Denmark – OthernessProject

The IF Performance and the Online Campaign

The local campaign in Denmark was organised by Othernessproject, located in the city of Helsingør. Othernerssproject broke down its campaign into two actions, being the second the continuation of the first one:

Firstly, during 17-21 October 2017 the Performance IF was held in Copenhagen. IF is a crossover genre: a participatory performance using 4 interactive installations that invite the audience into different levels of action and interaction, by choosing life-circumstances: gender, lifespan, friends, relations, society and future. A performer leads the whole game of existence, orientating the audience among the rules of the games, reacts and responds to their actions, and, at well-defined moments, acts out roles related to the 4 stages-installations-games. The main idea is to construct a new society through immersive and participatory methods.

The organisation set a free entrance policy for refugees, and two days were spent on talks after performances on migration and inclusion of refugees. Apart from the general audience, there were invited journalists, cultural operators and students of Advanced Migration Studies from the Copenhagen University.

Secondly, as a next step, between 10-23 December, Othernessproject organised an online campaign, where the attendants of the October events were involved. This way, the Danish partner was able to reach out to larger audiences. Due to the fact that, at the time, the anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration was taking place, the campaign was thought to be also focused on this celebration and the values and commitments it entails. Thus, the organisation posted videos, speeches and documents on this topic almost in a daily basis. Topics such as the freedom of movement, freedom of speech and the differences between the freedom of speech and hate speech were the main issues that were covered. In fact, a study specifically in this area was launched.