Hungary – Jakab Gláser Memorial Foundation

You and I – we are not so different online campaing

The “You and I – we are not so different” online campaign was held during March – August  2018. It was an ongoing campaign on the YOU ARE WELCOME Magyarország (Hungary) Facebook page, which was created by us as a side page of the main YOU ARE WELCOME Facebook page.

We decided to have this other facebook page to reach Hungarians and we decided to separate it from our main page because of the big pressure from the government on the NGOs who are working with refugees .

The campaign idea was very simple but yet very complex in the sense that we relied on the individual’s own understanding of the photos. We created photo pairs with people from different backgrounds but doing the same acts and/or social interactions such as celebrating birthdays, having a family dinner or just being a smiling baby. With these photo pairs we wanted to show that in the end it does not matter where the people came from, as these social interactions are the same all around the world.

Our local campaign was implemented after March. We decided to change the date of the campaign and have it after the Hungarian parliamentary elections because the refugee crisis was in the main focus of the political campaign and there was and still is a big political pressure on those NGOs who are working with refugees, helping them or even mentioning them during their work.
The campaign was bilingual, so later it can be used on an international level also. It contained the logo and the name of the project and also the European Union’s flag and the name of the Programme. Overall we reached 1,202 people through our Facebook page.