Germany – JKPeV

JKPeV,Dresden, (DE). Postkarten Wimpeln Radtour.

A critical part of You Are Welcome is engaging the local community in the aims and vision of the project. In order to achieve this, each partner organises a series of activities in their NGO’s to be carried out on local level.At JKPeV, we decided to put together a

#NoHateSpeech postcard bicycle ride. The idea was to gather a group, cycle around the city in a critical mass and make a series of pit-stops, during which we would hang up postcard buntings around the city. On the front of these postcards would be a positive, anti-Hate message

while the reverse would be left blank. Through this campaign we would be able to reach a wide spectrum of people on different levels. First, those who decided to take part in the bicycle ride would be directly involved in the campaign and their participation in this group action would be an emblem of the solidarity and inclusion that You Are Welcome strives to promote. On a secondary level, the public distribution of postcards containing messages of anti-Hate and anti-discrimination would

ensure that people who aren’t sensitised to the issue of Hate Speech, and who wouldn’t necessarily participate in a campaign against Hate Speech and discrimination would also be reached. These postcards could then be taken by

passersby, written on and posted. In this way, the campaign would have potentially even a tertiary impact. We chose three pit-stops in the city centre to hang the postcards, being careful to choose places where there was a heavy footfall: the old city centre,

the shopping district etc. At each pitstop, we arranged a small game to be played: an icebreaker, a discussion activity on what the term Hate Speech meant to the participants and an exercise where participants were encouraged to self-reflect on how and why people discriminate.

The postcards featured various designs by the local artist, Hazem Arabi, and one of the three slogans ‘You and I: We are not so different’, ‘Ich had dich leib’, ‘Du siehst, aber siehst du?’