Czech Republic

Institute for Regional Development o.p.s. – Prague: City for all of us! & Bollywood Dance Workshop

On 23th April 2018, an interactive and experimental art workshop City for all of us! was organized in Prague by Institute for Regional Development.

Participants of the event had a chance to cooperate, share their creative views and ideas and, as a result, create their own model of a common city!

With the help of various materials they designed and created experimental architecture, houses and buildings for a joint piece of work – fictional futuristic city. The process was accompanied by lively discussions about the common habitat, the role of a city as an information and traffic artery, as a culture metropolis, but mostly as a home for all of us together.

Half of a group of people (13 of 26) who took part in this workshop are foreigners. Therefore, it was great to note and accept the diversity of all participants, their thoughts and perception of the world as a whole. Such events teach us to realize that we are all different, but everyone is valuable and unique.



The Bollywood Dance workshop, aiming at bringing together Czech nationals and refugees with no regards to their cultural or ethnic background, was organised on 12 October 2018. We chose a Bollywood dancing workshop that was very rhythmic and inspirational. The workshop was led by Sandeep, a migrant from India, who also shared his story of integration in Prague, what his motive to move to Europe was and the obstacles he had to face.

The workshop was organised for a specific purpose: to organise an event where the citizens of Prague could cooperate with people who are not native Czechs and who are still getting used to Czech culture. As a lot of the Czech inhabitants do not trust strangers and are not very welcoming towards them, we wanted to create an event where they could find out that these people are the same as they are, they have their own problems, thoughts and prejudices and although they came to the Czech Republic from different parts of the world, different cultural and social conditions, they only want to live peacefully with locals. All of the participants enjoyed a very pleasant evening, made new friends and experienced a new type of dance at the same time. The best thing was to see these different types of people not only stay in one room for the whole evening, but also have fun, feel relaxed and communicate with each other without any discrimination.