“Otherness Dialogue” – Transnational Workshops

64-166-165-158-162-1The transnational workshop “Otherness Dialogue” was conducted by Rita Sebestyén, with assistance of other members of the otherness project during the second transnational meeting of the partner organisations, that took place from  the 25th to the 26th of November 2017, in Thessalonikki, Greece.

The two-day workshop aimed to foster mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue, overcoming stereotypes and the fear of the “other” by means of art. During the two workshop sessions, participants were challenged to overcome social, cultural and language barriers, through the method of sharing as well as receiving stories out of the participants lives through the use of spoken, gestural or visual language.

After the initial moments of connection, achieved through the story telling, the participants were invited to the next stage of the workshop, Co-creation.
The participants were asked to co-create a piece of art in common narrative by identifying common points, interests, and associations through presenting to the group a story about a personal object they brought with them. Differences, and common points were observed, discussed and used to create a piece of art involving all object backgrounds.