Add Art – Thessaloniki : My Super Hero workshop


“My Super Hero” is a workshop AddArt realized for the purpose of breaking Refugee Stereotypes. The main idea behind the endeavor was to show that dreams and visions of refugee children are not any different than the dreams and visions of local children, showing that boundaries are only where we put them.

This workshop was performed in 2 stages, one that took place at the Day Centers of Refugees and Youth of Thessaloniki and a second stage in a kid’s festival. During these visits (workshops) AddArt involved a group of artists/illustrators which sat together with children and listened to their visions and descriptions of heroes.
With the help of translators and previous experience by the artists with kids in various other workshops, “My Super Hero” successfully combined children expression and imaginary explanations in order to create small art pieces. In this manner something that we can all relate to in an easygoing manner formed a perfect way of breaking stereotypes. Plain, simple and a twist of art brought much joy to the children as they saw a blank piece of paper being painted and bringing to life their imagination. There were nothing but positive reactions from all the parties involved (parents, kids, artists and finally end viewers/dissemination) and this art/thought/expression proved to be an excellent pattern that already multiplied in other projects.