Have a look at our campaigns & workshop

After more than a year of planning, meeting, discussing and organizing, we are happy to show your our first photos and short texts about local campaigns and workshops! But don't think it's over: most of our partners are now in their finale phase of organization and will conduct their workshops in the near future - … Continue reading Have a look at our campaigns & workshop



Finally, the forms of the survey have been finalised for each country involved in the project. As we still conduct the survey online, if you are interested in the topic of the survey you can fill out the form. If you live in one of the countries involved, you can click on the link and … Continue reading HOW WE VIEW EACH OTHER – Survey

Survey is coming soon!

Soon, the project will release its first outcome: a survey, discussed and finalized by all partners of the YOU ARE WELCOME - project. The survey will help gathering and collecting opinions, thoughts and attitudes of people residing in Europe, with or without a migration background. The survey will be conducted in all countries involved, both … Continue reading Survey is coming soon!