Join the Campaign against Hate Speech

Hate Speech is not free speech.

In just under a week’s time, we here at the You Are Welcome project will launch our local campaign in Dresden. Pertinent, current and interactive, it will help raise awareness of the problem of Hate Speech and stigmatisation in our society and be an active step towards combatting these issues.

Hate Speech affects everyone, young, old, black, white, man, woman. And it is the duty of everyone to call it out.

“Laut einer aktuellen repräsentativen Umfrage des Meinungsforschungsinstitut YouGov ist über ein Drittel der Bevölkerung schon einmal mit fremdenfeindlichen Hasskommentaren im Netz konfrontiert worden, bei der Gruppe der 18-24-Jährigen sind es sogar 62%. Laut der Umfrage reagieren nur 14 % mit aktiver Gegenrede, 64% der VerfasserInnen von Hate Speech fühlten sich dagegen in ihrer Aussage bestätigt.” – ‘A third of people already experienced Hate speech online’.

According to a survey conducted by the polling service YouGov, over a third of people have been subject to xenophobic Hate Speech online, and amongst 18-24 year olds a staggering 62% say they have encountered such comments. The survey also showed that only 14% of people actively responded with counter-speech, while 64% of the Hate speech authors felt confirmed in their statements.

These statistics are shocking. And it does stop there…

Hatebase-a web-based application providing data through both a web interface and an open API.

Hate Speech isn’t a ‘new’ phenomenon, the difference today is that, with social media and online platforms, Hate Speech is now more visible and easier to recognise, and therefore to stop.

Many online platforms already have measures in place to deal with Hate Speech, harassment and hateful conduct, but in recent years, following a spike in Hate Speech incident, the effectiveness of these measures has been called into question.

Following public and governmental pressure, a number of large online platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft signed the European Union Code of Conduct in May 2016, a code aiming to prevent the spreading of Hate Speech. This was a promising first step, but still there remains a lot to be done in the fight against Hate Speech, and it isn’t just the responsibility of tech companies and national governments. It is the responsibility of every individual.

The problem is often knowing ‘what to do’ to help.

Well fear not, our local campaign, launching 23.04.2018, is the easiest way to help. Want to get involved? Share our Facebook page and take part in our #10DayChallenge. Each day we’ll post a different challenge that you can do anywhere, anytime and make a positive impact to combatting Hate Speech.

join now

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