How can I help refugees?

One of the most frequently asked questions on search engines. Do you want to help but don’t know how?

How can I help refugees?

There are a number of practical ways in which you can help refugees:

(1) Donate

Money :Refugee support organisations and networks have to feed, house, keep safe, legally process, clothe and occupy refugees and often rely on private donations in addition to government funds. If you want to help, but haven’t the time to volunteer, you can research a refugee support organisation of your choice and make a donation to help them continue their work.

Time :You want to help and you have the time! That’s great and there is so much you can do, from volunteering at a refugee centre, to helping sort donated items that will be given to refugees or using your professional skills to help. The possibilities are endless.


(2) Join

Show your support by joining an online network or a local refugee support programme. Many cities run buddy systems that pair local residents with newly arrived refugees to help them integrate into the local community. For example, @helloneighbourhq in Pittsburgh, USA. Perhaps your city has a similar scheme, and if not you could always create one!


(3) Share

You don’t need to have unlimited free time or money to give in order to help. In fact, one of the most effective ways to help is completely free and takes all of five minutes to do. Share. The power of communication shouldn’t be underestimated. By showing your support for refugees on social media or with your family and friends, you help to create a more accepting and tolerant civic environment, which in turn encourages others to also adopt more open and tolerant views about refugees, since this then becomes the norm.

Whatever you decide to do, every action, small, large, online, in-person, it all makes a difference. Find some inspiration below:



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