European Action Week Against Racism: How to get involved!


This week, 17-25th March, is European Action Week Against Racism 2018. EAWAR is a week-long UNITED for Intercultural Action initiative during which we show that we will not tolerate racist and discriminatory attitudes and instead celebrate the diversity that so enriches European societies. This year the slogan is ‘Diversity – never enough’.

UNITED, the organisation responsible for running EAWAR, is an umbrella organisation that works with a diverse and eclectic network of people and activists with a view to raising the visibility of intercultural actions and initiating intercultural campaigns. There are several ways to get involved with UNITED’s work and join their campaigns and both organisations and individuals are encouraged to actively participate. Active participation in EAWAR means anything from simply showing that you are against racism and intolerance and instead support peaceful alternatives to hosting your very own EAWAR event to raise awareness and promote more inclusive attitudes.

For the European Action Week Against Racism 2018, UNITED invites you to host activities and events against racism and to celebrate diversity. Among those activities proposed by UNITED are:
– Film screenings, where films on the topic of racism or hate speech are viewed
– Diversity parties with a compilation of antiracist songs
– Walkathons
– Antiracist picnics or Human libraries

UNITED has even prepared a list of film suggestions, a playlist of anti-racism songs and examples of the aforementioned activities to help inspire you and make organising your event even easier. For information and tips on organising an event as part of the EAWAR campaign and to download activity packs visit:

EAWAR Suggested Activities – Info and Activity Packs

If you organise an event or campaign as part of the European Action Week Against Racism, your activity will appear on the UNITED international activity map and will be shared on their social media channels. In this way, your event makes a difference, not only in your local community but all over the world.

Get involved and join the European Action Week Against Racism 2018 campaign today!


EAWAR gummy bears


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